The most beautiful lakes in Eastern Switzerland

Nowadays anyone can travel anywhere. So you can quickly forget that in our home country (Switzerland) there are infinite beautiful sides to discover.

Hiking used to be something that children had to do with their parents during the summer holidays. Nowadays, the sport is experiencing a revival: more and more young adults go hiking in their free time, exploring the forests and mountains of Switzerland.

Especially in the record summer of 2018, the Swiss hiking trails were densely frequented. While the sun was burning down from the sky, the cool waters of the lakes were a much sought-after break destination. We have therefore found a good suggestion for all Eastern Swiss: The five most beautiful lakes in eastern Switzerland.

During the semester break and on weekends, we travelled all over Eastern Switzerland in search of the most beautiful lakes this part of the country has to offer. From the canton of St. Gallen to the most distant corners of the canton of Graubünden, we have put together a top five selection and presented it on our homepage with videos, pictures and important information.